AI shopping trolley monitoring

Qtrolley, a product from Cucos Retail Systems GmbH, addresses the problem by introducing an AI-driven on-premise software to monitor shopping carts at the checkout. Using a continuous video stream from strategically placed POE cameras, the system identifies if carts are truly empty or still contain products, bags, or other items.

The AI, trained on various shopping cart designs, selects the optimal image from the stream, highlighting detected items with bounding boxes. This image is then pushed in real-time to the cashier's screen, providing visual support. In cases where integration into the existing POS software isn't feasible, the Qtrolley receiver app overlays the image onto the operating system.

To ensure privacy, faces detected, such as those of children, are pixelated, and the video stream isn't stored. The combination of advanced hardware, AI software, and user-friendly interface created an effective solution, minimizing revenue losses and enhancing the checkout experience.


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