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easyQ / motionQ customer guidance system
The branch and customer information system
Both the detection of queues and targeted information provision for employees and customers can be achieved in a simple and uncomplicated way by means of this flexible system.

After the manual (easyQ) or automatic (motionQ) identification of a queue that is too long, the employee can, in a targeted way, call a new cashier and inform the customer automatically about this change in status.

The customer can optionally be informed by means of individual announcements, till lighting and with the aid of displays that a new till is being opened.

The announcements for the customer in the immediate vicinity of the tills must be regarded separately from the announcements in the store area and in the warehouse and staff areas.

Opening-related announcements should not result in the customer interrupting his or her shopping because the information about till opening can be heard throughout the store area.

Essentially, the system is composed of the following modules:
- easyQ/motionQ central controller
- One control panel per till
- One till light per till
- Amplifier
- Ceiling loudspeaker/loudspeaker
- Ultrasound/infrared sensors (motionQ)

With expanded functionality, adapters are attached which make it possible to connect to external components e.g. the warehouse door or a checkout barrier. The system and the till lights are operated with 24V.

Installation time: just a few hours
Staff briefing: a few minutes
Customer guidance: straight away!
The easyQ/motionQ modules
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The main controller
The main controller (CCU central control unit) brings together all information, which is directly processed there. The CCU can be expanded to up to 32 tills using the master-slave function.
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Control panel (example)
Control panels for 5, 8 or 12 tills for approving the till status (log on / log off) / registration and/or calling up of one till by another by the employee.
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The till light (example)
The integrated till lights for visual signalling regulate the flow to the tills and can be individually adapted to the interior design.
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The audio amplifier
Audio system with 100-volt technology (picture) for call functions in the store and employee area. In addition, this system is designed to be connected to an existing instore radio system.
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Integrated loudspeaker
Designed for use with 100 volt technology or a conventional ohm circuit. For integration in false ceilings (e.g. Odenwald ceiling).
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Wall loudspeaker with mounting bracket and volume regulator for individual regulation of the volume e.g. in meeting rooms and offices.
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Digital signage expansion
Diverse application area e.g: digital signage and display of an existing till queue or direction indicator.
Display functions of the till lights
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Signalling for the customer
Voice announcements
Visual signals (e.g. till traffic light)
Digital signals (e.g. display)
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Signalling for the employee
Employee call function
Store manager call function
Assistance call function
(Main) doorbell connection
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Control of additional components
Cigarette storage system
Bottle/can deposit machine
Automatic baking machine
Existing bell systems
Silent alarm
Telephone system (store management/information)
Digital signage
Recommendation analysis (sensor)
Electronic checkout barrier
Warehouse door bell
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Operation by the employee
Control panel for 5 tills
Control panel for 8 tills
Control panel for 12 tills
Approval of till status (log on /log off)
Registration – calling of one till from every till
Infrared or ultrasound sensors for detection of queuing times
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Control panels
Our control panels are adapted
in line with the customer’s wishes.
The shape, colour and layout of the
key panels are agreed on with the
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Till lights
There are almost no limits when
it comes to the till lights. The lights –
to match the rest of the shop fittings –
are developed jointly with the customer.
Installation | Service | Support
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Installation & Service
Our installation and service teams are at your side with their know-how before, during and after installation. When it comes to individual problems in the particular buildings, our employees’ trained eyes always find a solution.
Visit our support area, where we have summarised lots of useful information and tips. There you can also find installation instructions and technical descriptions.

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Your customers are our focus at CUCOS Retail Systems. Our scalable shop information system will make the digitalisation of retail a reality.

The aim is the intelligent integration of the technical peripheral devices (tills, recyclables return machines, baking machines, etc.) into our shop information system so that your customers enjoy the highest level of convenience and service when shopping. In addition, there is a noticeable optimisation of processes and a significant improvement in internal communication. You can find our systems in food retail, discount sales and retail trade. Customisation is our priority, because each individual customer approaches communication differently.

We have the right solution for you.

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