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Communication, Customer Guidance, and Theft Prevention

Discover efficient solutions for communication, customer guidance, and theft prevention, tailored for the retail sector. Enhance your customer experience and secure your business with innovative, customizable systems.


Boost efficiency and teamwork across your branches with our bespoke communication system. Optimize information flow and responsiveness with our proven radio technology.

Product Recognition

As a integration partner of Tiliter, we're revolutionizing your retail experience with a leading automatic product recognition. Experience faster checkout, reduced fraud, and increased customer satisfaction.


Experience the future of shopping with Cucos Retail Systems' Qtrolley: An innovative solution using AI technology and optical sensors to accurately capture shopping cart contents, minimizing losses and speeding up the checkout process.

Cucos Retail Systems

Revolution in Customer Management and Branch Communication

We combine innovative customer management solutions and effective branch communication to minimize waiting times, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost internal efficiency.
Experience the difference.

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Optimize team communication in your branches with our retail-specific communication technology.


Product Recognition

Revolutionize your checkout with AI-based product recognition for fast and accurate identification.



Enhance customer experience with our efficient Queue Management System that reduces wait times and increases throughput.



Minimize shrinkage at the checkout with Qtrolley, our AI-powered shopping cart recognition for secure and precise transactions.


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Cucos Retail Systems is your premier provider of retail technology solutions with 10 years of industry experience. Optimize your retail operations with our innovative solutions.


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